Phone Number

03 8714 3691

About Us

We are Quality Home Care & Community Services, a registered disability services provider offering services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We are headquartered in Melbourne, and work towards empowering people with disabilities all over Australia. We are a team that came together with the collective aim of creating a supportive environment for NDIS participants. We offer home care services to the participants at both residential and community levels and ensure that they have the kind of accommodation that promotes their independence and well-being.

Quality Home Care that Matters

At Quality Home Care & Community Services, we deliver the kind of care that matters. As their caregivers and support workers, we will assist them with their daily activities and commutes, help them engage with the larger community around them, and fulfil their accommodation needs. We offer holistic assistance which targets each aspect of their lives in terms of NDIS support and makes way for a life lived on their own terms.
We take pride in the quality of services we provide and have innovation at the core of our working methodology. We innovate and always go the extra mile to help the participants lead a dignified and independent life while ensuring their safety. Our team doesn’t follow a static approach but tailors its support services to meet their individual needs. To know more about our team and our approach, reach out to us at 03 8714 3691 or

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide all the participants with a personalised home care service tailored to their unique needs and requirements. Through our services, we aim to promote independence, dignity, and choice for every individual.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver the kind of services that could assist the NDIS participants in becoming resilient, independent and healthy to the maximum extent possible.

Our Aim

We aim to deliver care that can improve the lives of our service users and treat them and their families with respect, dignity, and compassion.

Our Core Values

These values guide our service delivery to the community:


We are a team of compassionate support workers and caregivers dedicated to providing all the NDIS participants with a caring environment where they can live to their full potential.
We are ethically and morally sound and deliver all our services with the utmost dedication. We never do anything that could hamper the safety and well-being of those under our care.


We are accountable for what we do and collaborate with the participants to find a scope for improvement. We always address any concerns that the participants might have regarding our services and always make sure to resolve them in their favour.


At Quality Home Care and Community Services, we stand in support of diversity. We give ample space to all participants to practice their cultural and religious beliefs and hold no prejudices of any kind.