At the initial meeting a Welcome Package is handed to the client and key steps in the service delivery process is discussed. 

The information is presented face-face and in simple language to demonstrate the company’s commitment to respecting and upholding individuals’ rights and their right to protect and access their personal information. 

At this stage the participant is informed about: 

  • Their rights and responsibilities as a user of this service;
  • The collection, use, disclosure and access to the information we hold on them;
  • Referrals and linkages to other health services occur in a formally documented case note and referral form;
  • The word ‘Participant’ is to be used with reference to them, as a user of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS); 
  •  The protection of collection, use and disclosure of their personal, health and medical information is handled in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Legislation and the Health Records Act 2001;
  • Information is only released with express consent.
  • They have an opportunity to provide feedback;
  • They have choice and control and should not feel under any duress to accept a service from us, even after prices and service delivery is discussed;
  • This service has a 0% tolerance to violence, abuse and harassment of any kind;
  • How they can contact this service;
  • How they can complain if they want to;
  • How they can access an advocate, should they want to; and
  • They may request the use of interpreters should they not understand the information to the full extent. 


We will keep full and accurate accounts and financial records of the supports delivered to NDIS participants, along with records of service agreements. The accounts and financial records is maintained on a regular basis and in such detail that the company is able to accurately ascertain the quantity, type and duration of support delivered. 

Financial records and accounts will be retained for a period of no less than 5 years from the date of issue. 

In addition to these requirements, the retention of all personal, medical and health records is stored as per Public Records Act and Health Records Act, Victoria. 

Clients are informed of the collection, use and disclosure of their information and how to access them. 

Information about a client will only be released on written authority (Freedom of Information, Request form) or unless required by law. 


We have clear and accessible complaints handling and dispute resolution processes and retain these records related to complaints for at least 5 years or as required by law. 

We understand that complaints may also be referred to the relevant complaints body for investigation, including the NDIS Commission, Disability Commissioner and/or the Ombudsman. 

We maintain processes for mandatory reporting of child-safety related complaints or incidents to the appropriate complaints body. 

What our staff/carers can expect from us 

  • Clear and concise staff contracts
  • Fortnightly pay slips
  • Annual pay summaries
  • Effective corporate governance
  • Compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Continuous improvement in all aspects of service management and delivery
  • Actively participating in risk management
  • The provision of valuable information relevant to carers and staff
  • Privacy and confidentiality of all staff and carer records and information
  • Complaints to be dealt with in a fair and prompt manner. 


Service Delivery Process 

Intake Form – captures the referral source and the need of the client to ensure that access to our services is based on need, available resources and is in the best interests of clients. 

Welcome Pack – Information is provided to all people in English and using resources available on government websites, we develop translated brochures to explain about our service and our client’s rights and responsibilities. 

Access and Equity policy and processes – are in place which document: screening and eligibility; priority of access; how to keep the client informed; preparing and submitting. 

Feedback Form and Continuous Improvement Plan – are in place to identify and capture issues that deter clients from accessing our services. 

It is our aim to provide an outstanding individualised service to each of our participants. We welcome comments, complaints, compliments and suggestions as feedback so we can continually improve. 

Every participant will be provided with information, which will also include some forms that need to be signed and given back to retain as a record. Our worker will go through and explain each section. 

Once service is confirmed every participant will be offered a Service Agreement. This document clearly sets out terms and agreements of the service to be delivered to the participant. 

Following this a Care Support Plan is developed in consultation with the client that clearly captures the services they requested and the contract of care. 

In situations where this service is unable to provide a service, the client is provided with information about other providers; a referral to other services is also made on their behalf via our form.


Should you be interested in gaining employment with us, Quality Home Care’s recruitment policy is that all employees are required to serve a minimum probationary period of three months. Thorough screening and security checks are undertaken to ensure the staff with the right skills, qualifications are invited to join the team. 

Email us directly with an Expression of Interest.